What is EduHacking

The term ‘to hack’ means finding a clever solution to a tricky problem. You can hack your job search, your dinner, your home organization, your wardrobe, and even your IKEA purchases. Why *not* hack an education?!

So … what is EduHacking. Basically, its hacking an education by using online tools and local resources to carve out the best education for your child. While you can hack pretty much anything you want to learn, we are taking on the challenge of hacking a middle school education.

Why not public middle school?

I’ve known that public school wasn’t the right fit for my oldest child since kindergarten. In September of that year, I gave them a child that knew all her letters at 18 months and was reading by 3. I didn’t push her.  It was all her doing. She LOVED to learn. Workbook pages were treats and reading in her crib was her favorite pastime. She talked about going to school like most kids talk about going to Disneyland!

What I got *back* from them was a child that hated school, hated learning, and never wanted to open a book ever again! Needless to say, she did not finish out the year. We pulled her by March.

Fast forward, 3 states, 2 traditional, public schools, and 2 charter schools later … it doesn’t work. I have a child who is a visual learner, who hates repetition, who is confident and independent, who thinks out of the proverbial box, and who is very creative. None of those work well in a typical school setting.


Why not use the term ‘homeschool’?

Well, we could. Technically, any time you are educated at home, it is ‘homeschooling’. And, don’t get me wrong, homeschool/unschool parents are a resourceful bunch. They’ve been using all sorts of different tools to educate their children, from boxed curricula to museum visits, and everything in between.  While we all feel that public education isn’t the right fit for our families, we all approach it differently because we know the current system isn’t working and are ready to *do* something about it.

If that’s you, join us on our journey as we hack a middle school education.