Makerspaces, Tinker Tables and FB Live – Oh, My!

Makerspaces, Tinker Tables and FB Live – Oh, My!

I’m being interviewed today by Misty at Year Round Homeschooling. We’ll be talking about makerspaces – what they are, who they help, and why you want one in your homeschool. If you are joining us from that chat, welcome! I am including links to various things I plan on talking about below, in case you want to do some further research.


Right here on EduHacking

Ultimate makerspace I built for our last school

pdf Shopping List for above

10 Ideas for Tinker Tables pdf


My favorite TED Talks

Ken Robinson “Do Schools Kill Creativity” 

Ayah Bdeir “Building Blocks That Blink, Beep, and Teach”


Maker Movement

MAKE Magazine

Maker Faires

MIT Fab Lab


Helpful Websites

Renovated Learning  – my favorite!

Tinker Lab – great site and I linked to her list of online makerspace tours

Meri Cherry – a Reggio-inspired atelierista


Pin Boards

Tinker Table Ideas

Loose Parts (Reggio)




Caine’s Arcade