Kitchen Hacks

Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. Seriously. On top of all the normal adulting we have to do — cooking, cleaning, parenting, paying bills, etc. etc. ad naseum — we also take on the responsibility of teaching our children everything they need to know to be happy, successful, and well-adjusted in life! {no pressure!} It’s a lot to put on your plate and, frankly, stuff falls off that plate — all the time.

Dinner is frequently one of them. Let’s face it. We all have days where pizza delivery is about the only thing we feel like cooking. Heck — sometimes dialing the number is too much to ask of us!

And, really, not only is cooking dinner time-consuming, it is also hard to find time to prep and plan healthy family meals that every member will actually eat. I know I can’t be the only one to realize at 4pm that I forgot to take meat out of the freezer … cereal anyone?!

This part of our website is where you can find tried & true, family-friendly dinners (believe it or not, my husband is the picky eater in our house), meal planning tips to make your day a little easier, crock pot recipes that work, and — my personal favorite — freezer cooking ideas (once-a-month-cooking). I get this nerdy sense of joy when my freezer is chock full of healthy food, all prepped and ready to go. It makes me happy.

Oh, and I’m also re-posting an article I wrote years ago to simply chronicle my growing collection of cream cheese dips that has been (surprisingly) pinned over 350,000 times!! Who knew that many people shared my love of cream cheese?!

I am no food blogger, but I do know my way around the kitchen. Except for those nights when I throw the pizza card.