Friday Freebie | 13-Story Treehouse Printable

Friday Freebie | 13-Story Treehouse Printable

So, we love the 13-Story Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths. Love. LOVE, L*O*V*E them!! Right now the series includes five books — 13-Story Treehouse, 26-Story Treehouse, 39-Story Treehouse, 52-Story Treehouse  and 65-Story Treehouse. The author is ‘building’ 13 more stories and “78-Story Treehouse” is due out in April of 2018 (you can pre-order on Amazon here). If you can’t tell by the titles, the book is all about a very wacky treehouse with multiple stories that include things like a roller coaster and an anti-aging room.

Why We Love This Series

As I’ve stated before, my oldest struggles to find joy in reading. “13-Story Treehouse” is one of the first books to pull her in. It is a great find for reluctant readers. She read the first four books during August of 2016. She started off slow, with her typical avoidance moves, but by the end she was tearing through them in a few days!

Our library only owned the first four so we quickly moved on to other books and graphic novels.

Fast forward to this school year … Isabella decided to read “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan (more on that here), which she loved, but found slightly overwhelming due to the fact that it had 543 pages. I surprised her with a copy of “65-Story Treehouse” as her next read so we could switch things up. She had no idea that there was a 5th book in the series (and a 6th due out in April – did I mention that already?!).

She tore through it in just a few days! Yea!!

Project Based Learning Idea

I am avoiding typical ‘book reports’ this year in my efforts to encourage reading for the simple pleasure of it, but I wanted some type of project to wrap things up. Isabella mentioned in passing that she would add a slide and a Ferris wheel if *she* were building another 13 stories onto the treehouse.

*poof* lightbulb moment …

Who says she *can’t* add more floors?

The series has its own website so we used it to inspire a drawing of a *blank* treehouse. You guessed it, the assignment is to draw in more wacky stuff. Whatever crazy idea she comes up with.

All three of my kids highly recommend this series. If you want a copy of our treehouse project so your ‘builder’ can construct more levels, grab a copy here.


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